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Customer Testimonials

I asked Bernadette to design a special piece of jewelry for my wife, Val, who's a huge fan of Penelope Plum Designs. She was pregnant with twins and due in September, so Bernadette suggested incorporating all of our birthstones (sapphires, citrine and amethyst) into a bracelet. It turned out beautifully, and Val loved it. When Val started dropping hints about wanting a necklace to match, I knew I had Christmas covered!

A happy recipient of Penelope Plum Designs modeling her custom necklace, earrings and bracelet, all made to commemorate the birth of the couple's twins.

- Chad B.

I love statement necklaces and this one is unique and classy. I wore it for our 50th wedding anniversary and it added to the sparkle of the evening. Dress up or dress down -- it can be worn for any occasion.  It is truly a stunning, knockout necklace.

A customer wearing a choker version of the Valerie necklace to celebrate her 50th wedding anniversary.

- Mia

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