Marie Earrings

Marie Earrings


As light as air, these uniquely crafted earrings add a touch of ethereal elegance.


For a truly unique expression, personalize this piece with the wearer's birthstone, or with birthstones to represent the wearer's children, grandchildren or loved ones.


    The most delicate of wire strung with cultivated freshwater pearls and your choice of gemstone(s) (garnet and peridot shown), and knitted into freeform earrings.



    14K gold-filled ear wires, and silver-plated gold wire. Cultivated freshwater pearls, choice of gemstone(s). Garnets  and peridot shown.


    This item is handcrafted and ready to ship within seven business days. If you require a faster shipment, please email


    Please specify one or more gemstones: 

    ​​January: Garnet

    February: Amethyst

    March: Aquamarine

    April: Crystal Quartz

    May: Emerald

    June: Pearl

    July: Ruby or Carnelian

    August: Peridot

    September: Sapphire or Lapis Lazuli

    October: Opal or Pink Tourmaline                     

    November: Yellow Citrine

    December: Turquoise