Custom Jewelry to Commemorate the Birth of Twins

Updated: Jan 20

The day that Chad emailed me, I felt like I had finally arrived at that place jewelry artisans aspire to: Saying 'yes' to the idea of creating a custom piece for a very special occasion.

"Hi Bernadette – this is Chad (Val’s husband). We are having twins soon! A boy and a girl. I was thinking about having something special made for her and thought of you. Maybe a necklace or even a ring with the birthstones (they should arrive in September)."

I don't make rings, so I suggested a crocheted wire bracelet or necklace made of gemstones for the twins' birth month (September/sapphire), Val's (November/citrine) and Chad's (February/amethyst). Then I added cultured freshwater pearls, in part because they added a bit of needed lightness, and in part because in some ancient Asian cultures, their seemingly magical appearance in lowly oysters indicated divine presence.

And babies are -- I'm sure you'll agree -- magically divine.

Chad picked the bracelet, and agreed to wait a few days, in case the babies decided an August arrival suited them better. (Because you can't neatly unravel crocheted wire, I would have had to start over if the babies weren't born in September.) While we waited, I made sure I had everything I needed, plus a back-up plan to quickly acquire the August birthstone, peridot, just in case.

On Sept. 4, Parker and Viktoria arrived. I made the bracelet and got it to Chad, and he was able to surprise Val with it while she and the babies were still in the hospital.

Val loved it, and the look on her face as she modeled it from her hospital bed, well...

When Val dropped a hint about a necklace to match, Chad scrapped their "Christmas gifts only for the babies" rule, and I got to work on a four-strand, 24-inch necklace to match. Here's a photo of the beautiful family, with Val wearing the necklace and bracelet, and a coordinating pair of earrings.

"Someday they will become an heirloom, as I will be giving them to my daughter," Val wrote to me.

An heirloom. For Viktoria.

I'm not crying, you are.