Buy a Bauble, Save a Bee

God, I love love love winter. I love snow, and a roaring fireplace, a book and an amber-hued cognac.

But, as February nears its end and temperatures begin to slowly inch above freezing, I can't help but think of spring and all the wonders it brings, like leaves budding on trees, and bulbs poking their tips through the mulch to tentatively test the air.

Soon enough, the hushed winter landscape will be supplanted with the buzz of bees and the activities of other pollinators, like birds and butterflies, as well as beneficial insects like dragonflies.

Which brings me to my latest collection, Save The Pollinators. Nearly all of these pieces feature pollinators and/or beneficial insects, flowers and leaves. They are fun, and brightly hued, and two of them are truly one-of-a-kind pieces.

With the purchase of these items, please know that a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Hunterdon Land Trust, a non-profit intent on preserving and protecting the wide open spaces and natural resources our pollinators so desperately need. (Learn more about this vital organization's work here: Hunterdon Land Trust – Protecting the places you love.)

Happy almost spring!

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