As Winter Gently Gives Way to Spring...

Outside my studio window, there’s a steady dripping as icicles slowly melt away. There’s still snow on the ground (thankfully), but as temperatures inch upward, I know that it too will be soon be gone.

I love when the seasons are the seasons, and this winter has been a snow lover's dream, with a ground cover deep enough for snowshoeing, and days and nights chilly enough for a fire.

I also love when the seasons progress gently from one to the next. Before long, the first flowers will poke their sleepy heads from the earth, and trees will be covered with buds in that particularly vibrant shade of green that heralds the arrival of spring.

Anticipating those flowers and blue skies have me creating bright and playful jewelry, some of it one of a kind, from my horde of colorful Czech glass beads. (Stay tuned for new items, coming soon!)

I don’t know yet what designs summer will inspire, but for now, spring is most definitely in the air.

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